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Man alleges medical malpractice after cervical procedure

One of the top medical complaints of patients may be the discomfort caused by back and neck pain. Therefore, many are eager to find relief through those methods that trusted physicians suggest. However, there are times when that treatment fails to bring the promised relief and instead results in a medical malpractice allegation. Arizona patients who have suffered further injury due to a medical provider's actions or negligence do have certain rights to seek a remedy.

Recently, a man filed a lawsuit against a doctor and the practice he is part of after the patient allegedly suffered further harm from a procedure. The patient purportedly sought treatment at a pain management practice for pain in his upper neck region caused by a bulged disk. The patient stated in his suit that his doctor recommended and subsequently performed a procedure that would block pain signals caused by the dislocated disk.

Unfortunately, the patient has claimed that the procedure resulted in his suffering greater harm. He has not provided any details that elaborated on the harm he has suffered beyond claiming that his doctor provided substandard care that increased his physical pain and suffering. He is seeking monetary compensation for the damages he has sustained along with any other relief to which he may be entitled.

The case was only recently filed in the plaintiff's state district court and has not yet been placed on a docket. There was no public statement issued by the doctor or the practice with which he is affiliated. Arizona patients who believe that they have suffered greater harm due to the actions or negligence of their medical providers are likewise assured of the right to file their own medical malpractice claim. When these suits are settled favorably, the resulting compensation may help ease the burdens caused by the financial losses that one may have sustained as well as ensuring that other patients may be spared a similar outcome.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Patient files suit against Pasadena Management Consultants alleging medical malpractice", Philip Gonzales, Aug. 14, 2017

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