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Internet of Things may prevent some commercial vehicle accidents

Telematics is the word that was created to describe the use of technology over a reliable platform to monitor and transmit information over long distances. New advances in telematics may soon be used to prevent some commercial vehicle accidents. However, until all companies require this tool to be utilized, Arizona residents may still endure the tragedies that are often caused by these devastating crashes.

By using telematics, some automotive insurance companies have been able to monitor and track the driving habits of their customers, which can then help individuals lower their insurance rates. There are some who are advocating that truckers and their companies fully implement this technology to reduce distracted driving. By using devices that employ the Internet of Things (IoT), computers would be able to detect such behaviors as hard braking and the use of phones while a driver is behind the wheel.

According to statistics, tractor-trailer crashes cost an estimated $47 billion in 2013. Of that amount,  approximately $8 billion was attributed to accidents caused by distractions. With advances in technology, a device that is attached to the windshield of a vehicle can communicate through a driver's cell phone and transmit information back to the trucking company. Innovative companies could also use these tools to encourage drivers to compete for safe-driving recognition which would be a victory for all motorists.

In Dec. 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will require the use of electronic logging capability. If owners and drivers embrace the new telematics to improve driver safety as well, it could make a dent in the numbers of commercial vehicle accidents that take such a heavy toll in both lives and monetary losses. Until such a time that all drivers place a premium on safe driving practices, Arizona residents will still pay the costs that comes with a tragic crash. When a family suffers serious physical injuries or loses a loved one in such a manner, a civil lawsuit may provide a means to recover some of the monetary damages that were also sustained.

Source: trucker.com, "Make the rise of trucking telematics work for you", Sam Madden, Aug. 25, 2017

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