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Doctor sued over claims of cosmetic medical malpractice

There are many reasons why a patient would seek the services of a cosmetic surgeon. When the decision to undergo a procedure is made, the patient likely is looking forward to an improved appearance or other physical and emotional benefits – not the possibility that he or she will be a victim of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, there are likely patients in Arizona who have suffered the consequences of a medical provider's negligence.

Recently, seven women filed a civil suit against a doctor who performed various cosmetic procedures on them. The victims have all claimed to suffer disfigurement, pain and scarring as a result of the doctor's work. The operations included stomach tucks, eyebrow lifting and breast procedures.

The victim's legal representative stated that he had the potential plaintiffs consult other cosmetic surgeons to evaluate the patients regarding their outcomes and their options for additional corrective procedures. The doctor's defense counsel has denied any wrongdoing and stated that the suit would eventually vindicate his reputation. Since the suit was filed, four other potential victims have made similar claims against him.

The doctor at the center of the case purportedly signed an agreement that he would not allow any unqualified personnel carry out any procedures after having faced allegations in the past. However, this doctor reportedly does not hold a license in cosmetic surgery but is instead a family practitioner, though the victims purportedly believed he was a qualified plastic surgeon. Arizona residents who have likewise suffered harm through the actions or suspected negligence of any medical providers are entitled to file their own medical malpractice suit in an attempt to recover the monetary losses they may have sustained through harmful medical care.

Source: omaha.com, "Medical malpractice suits filed against Omaha doctor, cosmetic surgery clinic", Julie Anderson, Aug. 2, 2017

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