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Auto product liability: More than 2,700 Ford Explorer complaints

Buying a vehicle is not an undertaking that Arizona consumers take lightly. When that purchase comes at the cost of one's health and well-being, then the actual cost is often incalculable. Some consumers are likely considering an auto product liability claim following the report of problems with a popular SUV. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that its investigation of Ford Explorer has evolved into an analysis of the engineering process. Seven model years and an estimated 400,000 vehicles are targeted by the inquiry. In excess of 2,700 complaints of carbon monoxide fumes in the passenger area of these models have been made. Three accidents and 41 injuries have been reported.

Many of the complaints have originated from law enforcement agencies that use a version of the Explorer known as the Interceptor in their service fleets. Two of the three reported crashes involved police vehicles. One complaint was based on allegations that exposure to carbon monoxide fumes led to injuries. The focus on engineering problems suggests that Ford may be forced to issue an expensive recall if the design proves to be faulty.

To date, there have been no fatal injuries reported. However, concerns exist that certain driving conditions can lead to higher levels of carbon monoxide within the passenger area of the affected models. Whenever an auto defect leads to serious injury or death in Arizona, there may be legal recourse within the civil justice system. Those injured, or the surviving families of those killed, are entitled to file auto product liability claims against the manufacturer and any other parties deemed responsible for the harm and resulting monetary damages sustained.

Source: Fox News, "Feds expand probe into Ford Explorer exhaust fume leaks", July 28, 2017

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