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Have you heard negative rumors about airbags?

You’re headed downtown. You are going towards the Phoenix Convention Center. Last week you drove this way to hit up the Real, Wild & Woody beer festival. Today you’re looking forward to another night of fun. You check your mirrors and use your turning signal. You keep a good distance between the cars in front of you. You do your best to be a vigilant driver. But as you are cruise down the road you probably don’t think about the safety features of your car.

You know your car has airbags, but you haven’t really given them all that much thought. You’ve heard both good and bad things about airbags. You know they are there to protect you, but do they?

Frontal airbags have been proven to save lives. It is reported that almost 40,000 lives were saved by frontal airbags from 1987 to 2012.

So what about that negative stuff you’ve heard?

  • Can an airbag suffocate you? An airbag inflates for a few seconds. The amount of time an airbag is inflated is not enough to deprive you of oxygen. Airbags also have apertures that allow air to pass through while inflated.
  • Are airbags more likely to kill you than save you? While there have been reports of airbag-related deaths, there were extenuating circumstances. In most of these instances the individual was not wearing a seatbelt or not wearing it properly.
  • Do airbags kill kids? There have been reports of child deaths associated with airbags. These deaths had other circumstances to consider. Children must be properly restrained when an airbag is present. Rear-facing child seats should never be in the path of an airbag. A child should always be properly restrained by a seatbelt and in the correct seat type for their age and stature when riding in a vehicle.

Airbags are just one safety feature on your vehicle. They must be used in combination with seatbelts and safety seats. Like any other feature in your car, you should make sure they are maintained. If your airbag indicator light comes on, do not ignore it. If you have been in an accident and your air bag has deployed, you should replace the airbag. Like other parts of your vehicle, watch for recalls.

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