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July 2017 Archives

City residents march against spate of police brutality incidents

Recently, a jury decided in a case that a police officer was not guilty of any crime in the shooting death of a man during a traffic stop. The residents of the area were outraged over this incident of alleged police brutality. Citizens in many states, including Arizona, have expressed trepidation over summoning police in many situations for fear that officers will not respond according to expectations and written guidelines.

Have you heard negative rumors about airbags?

You’re headed downtown. You are going towards the Phoenix Convention Center. Last week you drove this way to hit up the Real, Wild & Woody beer festival. Today you’re looking forward to another night of fun. You check your mirrors and use your turning signal. You keep a good distance between the cars in front of you. You do your best to be a vigilant driver. But as you are cruise down the road you probably don’t think about the safety features of your car.

Man faces charges after causing death, injury in auto accidents

The decision to ingest intoxicating substances and then get behind the wheel of an automobile can have life-changing consequences. When that decision causes others to suffer harm from resulting auto accidents, then the lives of innocent families are also negatively impacted forever. Two families in Arizona are now experiencing this pain firsthand.

Family challenges new medical malpractice law requiring reviews

When a patient suffers harm that is believed to be a result of a medical provider's error, then that patient or surviving loved ones are assured the right to pursue justice and compensation. However, in recent years there have been multiple attempts to limit the rights of plaintiffs to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in a purported effort to reduce medical care costs. Currently, Arizona has not placed any restrictions on these rights.

Safety advocate warns about auto product liability responsibility

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recently launched a new campaign to push awareness of recall alerts. However, one safety advocate expressed concerns that the company is attempting to refocus responsibility for auto product liability onto consumers. The issue of recalls affect car owners in every state, including Arizona, and it is imperative that consumers are aware of a potential danger.

Who gets cited when a self-driving car causes an accident?

For those who grew up watching the cartoon show, The Jetsons, the idea of a face-to-face telephone conversation seemed futuristic and unlikely. But with the advent of Face Time, that incredulity has been replaced by awe and now friends and family aren’t limited to just the sound of their loved ones' voices.

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