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Police brutality can leave both physical and emotional scars

Police officers provide a valuable service to the communities in which they serve. However, there are instances when these public servants have crossed the line, and their actions have lead to allegations of police brutality. Unfortunately, these instances can occur at any time, and there are likely Arizona residents who have suffered from these egregious abuses of power.

Out of the myriad cases of these alleged instances, there are several that remain in the collective memories of citizens. One of the most memorable is the Rodney King beating, which left him badly battered and remains a symbol of what happens when police seemingly go overboard. Another tragic instance occurred when police received incorrect intelligence concerning possible drug activity. Officers charged into the home of an elderly woman who lived alone, and as she attempted to defend herself against the intrusion, she purportedly fired several shots at the officers.

They returned gunfire and killed the 92-year-old resident. Two of the officers involved did plead guilty to manslaughter in her death. In another instance, an older man had returned to the New Orleans area to check the condition of his property after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. As he was completing a purchase at a corner store, police apparently approached him and later accused him of resisting arrest. He was terribly beaten as was a producer for the Associated Press who had accompanied him.

The officers in that case were held accountable for some of the charges and some lost their positions. However, as in many of these cases, officers involved in allegations of police brutality are often cleared of wrongdoing. The news continues to report on instances when police overstepped their duties and citizens have been the victims of beatings or worse. Arizona residents who have suffered at the hands of officials do have recourse for justice through the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in holding those in power responsible for the harm they cause.

Source: Criminal Justice Degrees Guide, "10 Worst Cases of Police Brutality in History", Accessed on June 28, 2017

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