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Been in a car accident? Get legal help

Let's say you've had a long day at work, and you just want to get home to relax. You get in your car, put on your seat belt, and drive out of your office's parking lot. You merge onto the highway and get ready to cruise home. But shortly after you get on the highway, you notice a car next to you with a driver that is looking down at their lap. A ghostly glow illuminates the front seat, and you know immediately -- they are looking at their cell phone.

After a minute or so, that car suddenly starts to drift and collides with your car. The resulting accident causes some serious injuries to both you and the other driver, but you both survive the crash.

This hypothetical situation is all too real for many drivers across the country. Distracted driving, reckless driving, driving under the influence -- they cause far too many accidents every day, and they leave innocent people in difficult, painful situations. When accidents like these happen, and the negligence can be proven, then the victims of the car accident need to consider their legal options going forward. A personal injury lawsuit can go a long way to ease your pain, earn you a sense of justice, and provide you with the compensation you need to deal with the aftermath of the accident.

At Ortega Law, we are passionate about defending our clients and fully investigating their cases. We will advocate on your behalf in the wake of a car accident as you seek justice for the terrible ordeal you have gone through.

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