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Owners of Toyotas may have basis for auto product liability claim

One of the market leaders in foreign auto manufacturers has been Toyota, which enjoyed a reputation for providing reliability for owners for years. Unfortunately, certain models of its hybrid line have been the subject of multiple recalls to fix a critical issue. Arizona residents who have suffered injuries or sustained significant property damages due to a defective automobile may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.  

Toyota has been plagued with a persistent problem with its hybrid models that has proved to be a difficult one to remedy. The automaker recently issued a third recall of approximately 800,000 vehicles to correct an issue with a component connected with the switch from electric power to gas. The software glitch can cause the vehicle to stall unexpectedly during operation. The latest malfunction bypasses the so-called 'limp home' feature that would normally allow the driver to get the vehicle safely off the road under reduced engine power.

Investigation into inmate's possible police brutality death

Those who have been accused of committing a misdemeanor or other minor infraction are entitled to humane treatment, regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, there have been many stories of authority overreach that may fit the definition of police brutality. Arizona residents who believe that they have been a victim of this type of behavior are entitled to seek justice.

Recently, a family requested that the district attorney investigate the death of their loved one who was taken into police custody after being accused of criminal trespassing, which is categorized as a misdemeanor. According to the report thus far, once the 32-year-old was placed under arrest, he was taken to the local hospital to be medically cleared for transportation to the local jail. Once there, the story becomes a little less clear.

After auto accidents, it is important to document all damages

Those who are diligent about ensuring their automobile insurance remains in good standing may believe that they will be covered should the need ever arise. Unfortunately, even the best customers may find themselves fighting to get reimbursed in the aftermath of auto accidents caused by other drivers. Those who have been injured or have sustained significant property damages while traveling along Arizona's roads are entitled to seek assistance in these circumstances.

Regardless of whether one has been a faithful customer, insurance companies work to ensure that they reduce the costs for their company and shareholders. In an effort to ensure coverage for damages, it's helpful to document as much information as possible. It is important to record the names, addresses and contact information for all involved parties. License plate numbers and makes and models of all vehicles should also be noted.

How not wearing a seat belt can impact your personal injury claim

Getting into a crash that results in serious injuries can have a profound impact on your life. Obviously, there is the pain and suffering that relates to suffering an injury and managing the healing process. Beyond that, there is also the property damage to your vehicle, as well as your lost wages if you have to miss work.

When someone else is responsible for the crash, you may have the ability to hold them accountable for those financial losses through a civil lawsuit. However, in some circumstances, you may not have the right to as much compensation as you might like. Failing to wear your seat belt while in a vehicle could actually affect your rights in a personal injury lawsuit later, even if you didn't cause the crash.

NTSB urges changes to prevent some commercial vehicle accidents

By 2022, the automotive industry has promised that all new vehicles will be equipped with front crash avoidance and automatic braking technology. Unfortunately, the trucking industry has not made a similar vow to include potentially life saving technology. The numbers of commercial vehicle accidents has continued to rise across the nation, including in Arizona.

Several years ago, one father lost his son in a rear-end collision in another state when the trucker behind him failed to stop in time to avoid a crash. In a separate tragedy, another trucker was considered to be one of the safest drivers in his fleet. However, one short clip of his dashboard camera captured this driver watching a tablet screen rather than the road ahead in the seconds before his rig slammed into the stopped car ahead of him. The collision killed four people.

Ford recall may be attempt to avoid auto product liability claims

Outside of buying a home, one of the largest repeat purchases consumers make is for their vehicles. Those who are in the market for a new vehicle are often influenced by the reputation of a manufacturer's makes and models that tout safety and reliability. Arizona residents who have suffered a serious injury or significant property losses may have a basis for filing an auto product liability civil suit.

Ford Motor Company recently issued a recall involving an estimated two million pickup trucks over the risk of cabin fires caused by a faulty mechanism in the seatbelt restraint. The issue stems from a part called the pretensioner, which is activated when the vehicle is involved in a collision. It functions by deploying a small explosion that forces the clip on the belt to retract, pulling the occupant further into the seat cushion.

Estate alleges medical malpractice in nursing home death

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy undertaking. Sadly, in spite of the time a family puts into researching a suitable placement, they may not be able to protect their family member from every possible danger. Arizona residents who are concerned that a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice or other harm are entitled to seek the best remedy for their family member.

Recently, a judge denied the release of certain records that a family claims may be relevant to the death of an 82-year-old woman. According to a civil suit filed against a nursing home corporation, the facility's staff failed to take measures that may have prevented the victim's death. Records indicated that the woman died as a result of heart disease and hypertension that may have been exacerbated by another resident's physical attack on her. A medical examiner ruled the woman's death as a homicide.

Chain reaction auto accidents result in 1 death; 2 face charges

Many drivers will often choose to travel Arizona freeways in the early morning hours for the reason that traffic is often less congested at that time. Unfortunately, this is also the time of night when visibility is reduced, and many drivers may attempt to return home after an evening on the town. These factors often play a significant role in causing serious auto accidents.

Recently, Arizona police arrived on the scene of a fatal chain-reaction crash that involved three vehicles. According to the preliminary investigation, one driver's vehicle apparently became disabled when it ran out of gas. The driver was stopped in his travel lane, which required the driver behind to also come to a stop. Unfortunately, the third driver failed to take action to avoid a collision.

Former police chief calls for reforms to end police brutality

Four years ago, the questionable shooting death of an unarmed African-American set off a fire storm of protests that caught the attention of the entire nation. Since that infamous event, there have been multiple reports of similar incidents that have led to increased distrust of police departments across the country. This is not an isolated problem, as there have been reports of Arizona residents also suffering harm as a result of alleged police brutality.

Recently, one former police chief shared his ideas that could help reform the nation's police departments and possibly reduce the problem. This former official believes that one of the first steps is to make it less complicated to fire officers who have a record of insubordination or credible accounts of abuse of power. One of the reasons that police departments are unable to fire inferior officers is due to police union contracts.

Neglect is a serious concern in Arizona nursing homes

People usually decide to relocate a loved one to a nursing home because they require monitoring and ongoing care. Adult professionals may not have the time to provide around-the-clock support to a loved one with declining physical or mental health. Those with children may also not have the time available to offer adequate care.

Nursing home facilities are the ideal solution for families who have loved ones requiring ongoing care when they cannot provide that care of themselves. Unfortunately, many people living in nursing homes may actually experience neglect while living in those facilities. It is more common than people think, and it can have severe medical consequences for your loved one.

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