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Teenager wins medical malpractice claim over permanent damages

When one hears about a patient seeking compensation for negligent or substandard care, it is likely assumed that the injured party is an adult. However, children are also vulnerable to suffering the consequences of negligence on the part of medical providers. Any Arizona patient who has suffered harm has a right to file a medical malpractice suit against the responsible parties.

Recently, a jury awarded a 17-year-old girl an estimated $135 million in damages for the permanent harm she suffered after a surgical procedure performed seven years ago. The jury decided on the amount after listening to the testimony and evidence that was presented over the course of the two-week trial. The patient's attorney stated that the award is just and appropriate based on the level of harm that was inflicted on his client.

Will lack of oversight lead to more auto product liability cases?

Arizona residents who have purchased a new or used vehicle tend to have confidence that any safety-related issues have already been addressed. Since its inception, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been charged with overseeing the nation's automobile companies in order to protect the safety of motorists. Recently, the agency oversaw two of the biggest recalls of potentially dangerous vehicles, which also lead to victims successfully filing auto product liability claims to recoup their damages.

There are growing concerns from some consumer protection agencies about the current lack of open investigations into automobile safety. For the first time in the past several years, the NHTSA reported the lowest number of active investigations. According to its records, the federal agency opened 13 investigations last year. The highest number of active investigations occurred in 1989 when there were purportedly 204.

Commercial vehicle accidents often fault of inattentive drivers

Sharing Arizona roads with the endless variety of commercial vehicles can make for challenging driving under the best of circumstances. When the drivers responsible for operating these types of automobiles are not attentive to their tasks, the resulting commercial vehicle accidents can cause permanent injury or death. In a case that has attracted attention to the issue of self-driving cars, police are now recommending that an Uber driver face criminal charges.

The wreck occurred a few months ago when an Uber vehicle in self-driving mode struck and killed a pedestrian. At the time of the crash, the driver was not initially charged, as the victim had crossed at night at an unmarked crossing, and the investigation was not completed. However, armed with new information, it is now possible that the woman who was contracted through Uber may now be held accountable for failing to pay attention to the operation of the vehicle.

The relationship between police, race and the use of force

It is undeniable that police must use force in certain situations. Where things grow contentious is determining whether that force was necessary or not. The excessive use of force may also be a point of contention, as it can lead to injuries and even fatalities that officers could have otherwise avoided.

In examining this relationship, researchers looked at race to see if it impacted officers' decisions regarding their use of force. What they found was startling.

Dermatologist dancing during surgeries faces medical malpractice

Those who seek specialized medical treatment do so to improve the quality of their lives. The vast majority of physicians who are entrusted to provide that care take pride in conducting themselves in a professional and compassionate manner in order to ensure that their patients receive the quality of care they are expecting. However, there are occasions when patients suffer greater harm from providers who fail to exercise the proper standard of care. Arizona patients who have suffered physical, emotional and financial harm due to negligence are entitled to pursue relief through a medical malpractice suit.

Recently, a doctor, who was purportedly licensed as a dermatologist, was carrying out a variety of cosmetic procedures on patients. Often during these procedures, the doctor would video herself singing and dancing during surgery while her patients remained under anesthesia. She would later post these videos on social media sites. After an estimated 20 videos and numerous patient complaints regarding adverse outcomes, the state licensing board has suspended her medical license.

Man wants changes to Arizona policies after police brutality

Over the past several years, there has been increased reports of police engaging in abuse of power and overreach in their authority. There have been several reports of police brutality that have resulted in victims suffering serious injuries and even dying from these incidents. Recently, another report concerning this issue resulted in five Arizona police officers being placed on suspension.

The latest incident occurred last month when police were purportedly responding to a domestic violence incident. According to the account, a man who was a friend of a male suspect was also being detained by officers. When they attempted to order the 33-year-old man to sit on the ground, he refused to do so, though he did not physically take any aggressive action toward the officers. Video footage appears to show the officers striking the man, who was not armed, repeatedly about the head.

Phoenix police searching for drivers in pedestrian auto accidents

According to a study conducted by the Governor's Highway Safety Association, Arizona has the worst safety record regarding fatalities for pedestrians based on population figures. Recently, police were called to the scenes of two more serious incidents in connection with these types of auto accidents. The most recent one sent two victims to area hospitals.

According to police, a couple was attempting to cross in the middle of a block when a car struck the pair. The force of the collision sent the female victim into the adjacent lanes where she was struck by a second car. The male victim suffered serious injuries and was in critical condition. The woman is expected to recover from her undisclosed injuries.

Car owners warned of potentially dangerous auto product liability

One of the most expensive purchases Arizona consumers make is buying an automobile. Indeed, the typical owner will repeat the process at least a few times during his or her lifetime, making this decision one of the more important ones in regards to safety and reliability. Recently, Fiat Chrysler Automotive issued a recall concerning a potentially dangerous auto product liability issue.

According to the recall, an issue with several models' cruise control could lead to a dangerous acceleration problem. The potential problem first came to light when engineers were conducting a test of the torque-control systems. After investigating the findings, a complaint was found from a customer who encountered the problem in a rental car.

The top steps to take after a car accident

No matter how hard you try to remain safe on the road, another driver could make a mistake that results in an accident.

If you don't know what to do after a car accident you may find yourself making mistakes that put you in an even more difficult spot (and that's not something you need at this time).

Passengers in cabs at risk from potential auto product liability?

When Arizona residents summon a taxi or set up a ride through an online app, they likely are focused on arriving at their destination on time. The idea that taking such transportation could result in a serious injury probably never enters into a customer's decision-making. Unfortunately, it has come to light that countless customers face dangers posed by a possible defect that could make an auto product liability claim necessary.

According to a recent investigation that focused mainly on taxis -- as well as Uber and Lyft vehicles -- in one state, there are hundreds of cabs in service that have unresolved recalls. Several of the open recalls are to correct defects that could cause problems such as electrical fires or sudden airbag deployment. When investigators researched the cabs, they discovered that the vehicles are purportedly subjected to an inspection that covers 34 key points. An inspector with the city's transportation department claimed that they do not have access to recall information.

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