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Man wins police brutality suit filed for 2015 wrongful arrest

For the past several years, tensions between law enforcement and select communities have escalated. This relationship is further strained whenever those who are charged with protecting residents engage in behavior that threatens the well-being of those same residents. Sadly, there are frequent reports of alleged police brutality along with other abuses of power that further alienate many Arizona residents.

Recently, one man, who is an African-American, won a civil lawsuit over allegations of police brutality and wrongful arrest that occurred in 2015. According to the reports, a witness called emergency dispatchers concerning a suspected car theft. In reality, the man was the lawful owner of the vehicle. He stated that he was attempting to correct a minor issue with the vehicle before driving to the university where he was a student.

Auto product liability cases stem from serious defect issues

Due to the expense involved, most consumers are trusting that the vehicle they purchase will perform in a safe and reliable fashion. When they fail to do so, vehicles pose a serious risk to the well-being of owners and passengers. One of the few ways Arizona customers can recoup their losses is through an auto product liability civil suit.

For the past few years, Kia and Hyundai have been plagued with a persistent engine problem, namely, debris from the manufacturing process that can restrict oil flow, creating excessive wear that could potentially spark an engine fire. The companies have issued recalls in the past that were criticized for not including enough vehicles to effectively correct the issue. Now, the companies are issuing yet another recall to address improper repairs. Due to the government shutdown, owners may have to wait for a letter before knowing if their vehicle is included in the latest recall.

What qualities should you look for in a nursing home?

If the time comes to help a loved one move into a nursing home, it's only natural to have some concerns about their safety and security. This may be the first time in a long time that the person is not living in their home.

Making matters more complicated is the fact that some nursing homes are not up to par in regard to the treatment they provide. This makes it difficult to confidently choose a nursing home facility.

Impaired driving blamed for many Arizona auto accidents

No matter how many public service campaigns focus on the dangers of drinking and driving, many motorists continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. Sadly, a significant number of Arizona families have been devastated by auto accidents ultimately attributed to an impaired driver. One recent crash resulted in one death and two others suffering injuries.

According to Arizona officials, a 26-year-old man had a blood alcohol level that was double the state's legal limit of .08. According to the report, the driver was engaged in reckless driving behavior along the 202 Loop that included allowing his vehicle to intentionally drift out of its travel lane. At some point, the driver lost control and the car ran off of the highway and collided with a pole.

Parents file medical malpractice in death of little boy

No one looks forward to going to the dentist, no matter how old they may be. However, regular dental care is an integral component to a child's future overall health. Sadly, one Arizona family lost their beloved 2-year-old son in what they allege is an example of medical malpractice.

According to the lawsuit, the parents of the 2-year-old took him to a dental clinic that is reportedly geared toward treating pediatric patients. During the course of two office visits, the child was purportedly assessed, and his parents were informed that he needed to have a root canal procedure and crowns placed on some of his baby teeth. They were then presented with a consent form, and the procedure was scheduled.

Birth injuries: What to do when a mistake harms your child

There are a number of different birth injuries that can be attributed to mistakes made before, during or after delivery. In many cases, the injuries that babies suffer occur during the birthing process.

When a baby is born, he or she should be in a downward-facing position and oriented to come out through the birth canal head first. If the child is not oriented in this way, there is a higher risk of an injury occurring.

Former chief, officers convicted of a type of police brutality

Over the past several years, the level of trust between certain segments of the population and police has continued to erode. Along with the nationwide stories of police brutality, some communities have been plagued by rogue police officers who are arresting residents on false charges. In Arizona and other states, some individuals have been falsely accused and suffered serious damage to their reputations.

One community has been shocked to discover that their police chief and several officers were arrested and charged for conducting a series of false arrests in an effort to clear unsolved crimes from their records. This problem came to light after three men were charged with felony burglary. One of the men served several years in prison and was then deported upon his release. The two other men were facing significant jail terms even though they were not guilty of the crimes for which they were charged.

Dentist who faked certifications faces medical malpractice suit

The relationship between patient and medical provider is intensely personal and requires both trust and professionalism. When that trust is violated in an egregious manner, the patient runs the risk of facing physical injury and a future mistrust of the medical profession. Arizona residents who have suffered harm may seek a remedy through a medical malpractice suit. 

One patient is seeking to hold a dentist accountable for the harm he inflicted by misrepresenting his qualifications to safely administer anesthesia agents. The patient needed oral surgery and sought the services of a dentist who purportedly possessed certification from the state to administer general anesthesia via a variety of means. However, at some point during the man's surgery, he experienced breathing difficulties that resulted in the dentist halting the procedure. The patient reported that he suffered both physical and psychological injuries due to his experience.

Drivers are not always to blame in commercial truck accidents

Commercial truck accidents that involve passenger vehicles often result in serious injuries and extensive property damage, leading ultimately to long and complicated legal battles among the parties involved. Victims who do not take the time to understand the specifics of their case to seek fair compensation are poorly prepared to challenge the other parties involved. This often leave full compensation on the table.

If you or someone you love recently experienced a commercial truck accident, you must not wait to begin building a legal strategy. The other parties involved in the accident are certainly already building their own, hoping to reduce the amount of money they must pay out if they are liable for your losses. No matter what caused your accident, you should not underestimate the importance of a strong strategy to protect your rights and interests.

Arizona auto accidents take heavy toll in lives and finances

Traveling the Arizona roadways calls for diligence and strict attention to one's surroundings. When drivers, especially those who are operating large vehicles, fail to pay close attention to the road and fellow motorists, serious auto accidents may result. One such wreck in Arizona has claimed the life of one person and injured two others.

According to the accident report, a car carrying several occupants was headed south on a local road. The driver slowed to execute a left-hand turn onto the entrance ramp for Interstate 10. As the driver was making that turn, a driver of a tractor-trailer was headed north on the same local road. For reasons that are yet unclear, the rig slammed into the car as it was in the middle of its turn.

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