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New technology may assist victims of alleged police brutality

Police departments both here in Arizona and across the country, are slowly implementing the use of both dashboard cameras as well as body worn cameras to record interactions with the public. However, in several cases of alleged police brutality, these cameras were either not turned on or were otherwise not available. One inventor has developed a cellphone application that may provide peace of mind to those who install it on their electronic devices.

The app, RTC Protech, comes equipped with a GPS location service as well as the ability to record both video and audio. The app is being marketed to anyone who believes he or she may need the evidentiary support that this technology can supply. Along with the ability to record video and audio, the app can be voice activated and alerts can be sent to those who are listed as emergency contacts.

Study reveals "whys" and "whats" of commercial vehicle accidents

A three-year study focusing on the the reasons behind many of the tractor-trailer crashes in the country was recently published. It was a collaboration between an Arizona company and a digital information firm. According to the report, commercial vehicle accidents involving big rigs -- such as semis -- have accounted for an estimated 11,000 fatal wrecks between 2015 and 2017.

In that time period, an estimated 12,230 people were killed in these types of collisions. Commercial trucks haul approximately 70% of the goods in the nation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were approximately 11,498,561 commercial trucks registered in the United States as of 2016. Statistics show that 9% of fatal traffic collisions in 2017 involved large trucks. Of the more than 4,657 large trucks involved in crashes, an estimated 69% of them involved combination vehicles, which are comprised of tractor-trailers, straight trucks with trailers and tractors hauling double trailers.

Inmate files medical malpractice claim re nearly fatal infection

When one contracts a serious illness, he or she should be entitled to appropriate and timely medical care -- no matter where one resides. Unfortunately, that standard appears not to apply to Arizona inmates. One inmate recently filed a medical malpractice claim against the prison system where he is incarcerated after nearly dying from a missed diagnosis of a deadly infection.

According to the lawsuit, the man first observed a swelling on his leg that caused the skin to become stretched and prone to tearing. The painful swelling increased in size and he later developed symptoms similar to an earlier bout of pneumonia. After being checked by nursing staff in the medical unit, he was diagnosed with the disease in both lungs and provided with an oral antibiotic. When the medication failed to bring any relief, he was once again treated at the medical unit and diagnosed with Valley Fever, a fungal infection.

4 signs that could indicate nursing home neglect

When it comes time to place a loved in a Phoenix nursing facility, you could find yourself constantly worrying about the care they will receive. For example, if you are thinking about moving your mother to a nursing home, you could worry that the staff will not give her the proper medication or that she may not like the food or even that she will be lonely. That is why it is important to visit several facilities before choosing one for her new home and then to visit regularly to ensure she is receiving the care and treatment she needs.

When you are planning to move a loved one into a nursing home, it is vital that you know some of the more common signs of neglect. Here are some red flags of nursing home neglect that you should watch for when touring facilities and when visiting loved ones.

City decides on gag orders involving police brutality settlements

Cities across the country rely on their police departments to ensure the safety of their residents.  Sadly, occasionally people become victims of police brutality when officers cross the line between public servant and perpetrator. As in other civil cases, victims of these types of disturbing encounters may be required to keep silent about the terms of any settlements between a city and the victim. However, victims in Arizona -- and elsewhere -- should have a right to speak out about the harm that may have been inflicted by those who purportedly abused their authority.

One city was sued by a division of the American Civil Liberties Union for requiring that victims of police brutality refrain from discussing the terms of any settlement agreements. In most cases, a nondisclosure agreement stipulates that public comments concerning details of a particular case will result in a settlement being drastically reduced or negated entirely. The clause, a nondisparagement agreement, states that the victim is not permitted to make comments that would cast the city, police department or other employees in a bad light. 

Speed, inattention frequent cause of serious auto accidents

Getting a driver's license is often seen as a right of passage in this country. However, no matter one's age, every motorist is required to drive with due care in order to prevent serious auto accidents. Unfortunately, two Arizona children were recently injured when a driver apparently failed to pay close attention.

Police were called to the scene of a crash involving two vehicles and two pedestrians. The report indicated that a motorist was stopped at a traffic signal located at a pedestrian crossing. As the driver of that vehicle waited for the signal to change, a family was crossing at the marked walkway. A driver approaching from the rear purportedly failed to control her speed to avoid a collision.

Couple awarded $8.5 million in medical malpractice claim

The trust between a patient and medical provider is a crucial aspect of their relationship. In most cases, doctors are diligent about informing patients of a diagnosis and recommending treatment that will provide a cure or a longer life span. Unfortunately, when a medical provider fails to follow accepted medical standards, Arizona patients can often suffer greater harm and may have a basis for filing a medical malpractice claim.

A jury in another state recently awarded an estimated $8.5 million to a patient who purportedly was not informed of the presence of a potential tumor in his bladder. The man had sought medical care after experiencing pain in his abdominal area and difficulty with urination. A scan revealed the presence of several kidney stones and an image of a possible growth. The radiologist included notation of his findings in the patient's medical chart.

Latest vehicle recall: Will it lead to auto product liability?

The decision to purchase a new or used vehicle is one that requires much consideration. For many Arizona residents, several factors play a role in their decision-making process, including the safety and reliability of a particular model. When a consumer suffers either a serious injury or substantial monetary damages due to a defective vehicle, he or she may have a basis for filing an auto product liability civil suit.

Volkswagen is set to issue a recall that will include more than a half million vehicles. A large proportion of these cars are comprised of the 2011-2018 Jetta models. According to information provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall involves an issue with the sensors that detect whether a vehicle is in park. 

Families may pursue claims after commercial vehicle accidents

One of the most traumatic events that families may be forced to endure is the loss of loved ones in tragic circumstances. In crashes involving commercial vehicles, the potential for fatalities increases due to the sheer weight of these vehicles. When families have suffered losses due to commercial vehicle accidents, they may decide to pursue recovery of their damages through Arizona's civil court system.

Recently, the family of two victims of a fatal crash in April filed a civil suit against the Phoenix Fire Department. According to the suit, the crash that occurred was the result of errors in judgment and actions on the part of both the crew on the fire truck as well as the decisions and practices of the department. The crash purportedly happened as a fire truck was en route to a call at a local business. A pickup truck carrying two adults and a child reportedly turned into the path of the truck and was subsequently struck.

Running a red light: Causes and ways to stop it

Running a red light is one of the most obvious mistakes a driver can make. When the light is red, it's clear that they're required to stop. Not stopping could result in a crash as traffic from other roads passes through the intersection.

Red light running happens frequently despite it being an easy error to avoid. In 2017, 890 people died in crashes that were a result of running a red light. It's also believed that around 132,000 people were hurt the same year as a result of red light-running crashes.

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