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Officials worry over auto accidents caused by wrong-way drivers

Over the past several months, numerous Arizona travelers have been killed or injured due to wrong-way drivers. Recently, officials have taken steps to reduce the chances of these motorists causing horrific auto accidents. The most recent crash resulted in the deaths of five people.

Police were called to a section of Interstate 40 for reports of a fatal head-on collision. The crash was purportedly caused by an 82-year-old man who was driving in the wrong direction in the westbound lanes. His vehicle then collided head-on with another automobile.

New issue with airbags could lead to auto product liability claim

For the past several years, both foreign and domestic car makers have been forced to issue recalls for a problem with Takata airbags. Those recalls came after several people were either killed or injured when their airbags exploded, sending sharp, metal fragments into passenger compartments. When these types of tragic events occur, Arizona residents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through an auto product liability civil suit.

Honda recently issued a new recall over an unrelated airbag problem. According to reports, the airbags have deployed without warning. So far, the automaker reports that it was notified of three people being injured by the deployments. Six incidents have been reported to date, but, purportedly, none of the malfunctions have led to a crash.

Birth injuries can sometimes be prevented with proper monitoring

Many things can go wrong when a baby is born. Proper monitoring of the mother and baby during labor and delivery is imperative. There are some issues that can be spotted. When anything is missed, the mother or baby can suffer from harm.

Several methods are used to monitor the mother and baby. The fetal monitor that checks the heart rate is a primary one. The mother's vital signs are also taken. Some hospitals and birth centers use continual monitoring, but others use only periodic monitoring. Both are acceptable, as long as the woman and baby are in good health. Sporadic monitoring might mean that problems aren't spotted as quickly as they would be with constant monitoring.

Officer in alleged police brutality faces disciplinary hearing

Arizona police officers are charged with protecting and serving their communities. Even in situations where an individual is suspected of engaging in illegal activity, officers are expected to carry out their duties in ways that will not place anyone in undue danger. Sadly, some officers cross the line and engage in behaviors that qualify as police brutality. Anyone who has been a victim of police overreach may have legal options for legal recourse. 

In 2014, police in another state were involved in an incident involving a 43-year-old man allegedly selling cigarettes illegally. According to the officers, the man refused to comply with their instructions. In an effort to place the unarmed, African-American man under arrest, one of the officers applied a restraining hold. The man complained about not being able to breathe. At some point, an ambulance was called.

Commercial vehicle accidents can leave leave families devastated

Tractor-trailer drivers are a vital part of the nation's supply chain. Unfortunately, though truckers help keep stores stocked with necessary goods, commercial vehicle accidents will often leave devastation behind for the families of victims. The driver in one fatal Arizona crash faces several felony charges.

The 68-year-old driver purportedly caused a fatal collision with a passenger vehicle when he was attempting to pass another rig on a two-lane highway in a no passing zone. The road travels through two rocky hillsides and features curves with blind spots. When the driver chose to pass the other truck, he could not see the van approaching from the opposite direction, leaving him with no possibility of avoiding a crash.

Man files medical malpractice claim for serious misdiagnosis

Confronting a medical crisis is a frightening and confusing experience. At this time, a patient is in need of the comforting knowledge and appropriate health care from trained medical providers. Unfortunately, when medical professionals fail to provide a patient with the proper care, devastating complications can result. Arizona residents who believe that providers caused them to suffer greater harm may en entitled to seek relief through a medical malpractice claim.

Recently, a man filed a civil lawsuit against a medical facility in another state and several of its staff members. The suit asserts that he sought medical care for disturbing symptoms at the hospital's emergency department. Providers reportedly made only a superficial examination, gave the man a prescription for a sedative for his symptoms -- which included progressively advancing muscle weakness -- and discharged him. By the time he left, he claimed he was no longer able to walk.

Airbag dangers: Yes, they can cause injuries

Something that you should always know is the condition of your vehicle's airbags. These safety devices could be the difference between life and death in an accident, so it's vital that you know how they work and that yours are working properly.

Airbags work by buffering impact. They absorb a portion of the impact in a crash, which reduces the amount of force your body has to absorb itself. Both side and frontal airbags can help prevent serious injuries.

Commercial vehicle accident takes a mother's life

Trucking is a vital part of our modern economy. The ability to transport a large amount of goods from one area to another keeps businesses and companies of all kinds thriving. However, tractor-trailers certainly pose a risk to other motorists, due to their sheer size. When a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with a big rig, it can mean disaster. One Arizona family is grappling with just such a tragedy after a mother lost her life and her children were seriously injured in a commercial vehicle accident.

The accident occurred on a recent evening when the mother was transporting her three children and her niece to one of the kid's baseball games. Police say that a semi on the interstate jackknifed into several vehicles, including the mother's car. Despite the valiant efforts of first responders, the mother died shortly after the crash. The children were rushed to a local hospital where they received treatment, including surgery for the niece and one of the mother's sons. The niece remains in intensive care.

Proving a medical malpractice claim requires careful preparation

A patient in need of medical care places tremendous trust in the abilities of medical professionals. If that trust is violated, patients may be left with a more serious problem. When an Arizona patient suffers harm from suspected medical malpractice, proving a claim can be difficult. 

One of the first steps in seeking recovery of damages attributed to negligent medical care is establishing that an existing patient-doctor relationship required a doctor to meet certain obligations. Next, there must be evidence that a provider deviated from the accepted standard of care. This is usually done through the testimony of another professional who is knowledgeable in the same field as the offending provider. Once it is shown a doctor failed to meet that standard, a case may be made that the injury was caused by that failure. 

Body camera footage of shooting leads to police brutality claims

Over the past several years, there have been many accusations of police using excessive force that resulted in the deaths individuals they claim were criminal suspects. In many of the more prominent cases, officers have faced allegations of police brutality in criminal court. Arizona residents who have been victims of an abuse of power may feel as if they do not have an option for seeking relief for monetary damages sustained.

Recently, officials in one city released body camera footage of a shooting incident that occurred at a drive-through eatery in the overnight hours. According to police, a 20-year-old African-American male was sleeping in his vehicle with a firearm visible in his lap. The video shows approximately six officers surrounding the vehicle and allegedly discussing how to handle the situation. Police reportedly planned to open the doors, remove the weapon and pull the sleeping man from the vehicle.

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