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New law allows for felony charges in certain auto accidents

Most motorists traveling in Arizona are aware of the dangers of distracted or impaired driving. Unfortunately, this knowledge does not always result in every driver exercising due diligence every time he or she gets behind the wheel. Recently, Governor Ducey signed a law that may reduce some types of auto accidents.

According to statistics for last year, there were an estimated 1,700 crashes that were caused by motorists driving the wrong-way on Arizona roads. Of these types of wrecks, the majority of them were attributed to impaired drivers. The most recent updates to the motor vehicle laws will now increase the penalties that drivers can face if they cause these types of crashes. 

A program could reduce the need for auto product liability claims

An automobile is one of the most expensive purchases that many Arizona residents will make. For that reason, owners spend hours researching the safety and reliability of the models they are most interested in purchasing. Unfortunately, an unforeseen mechanical failure could lead to serious injuries and property damages that may require filing an auto product liability claim in an effort to recoup one's losses.

One state recently unveiled a pilot program that it hopes will ensure that more owners become aware of manufacturer recalls. With the assistance of a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Maryland will be the first state to notify owners of open recalls through its registration renewal notices. Because the state records all vehicle identification numbers when vehicles are registered with the MVA, the agency will automatically check for any recalls that are associated with that VIN.

Arizona auto accidents leave families changed forever

Without warning, lives can change forever, often due to circumstances beyond one's control. Countless families who have been devastated when unexpected tragedies such as auto accidents occur in spite of the precautions taken. One recent collision in Arizona has left surviving family members grieving the loss of three loved ones.

Arizona officials recently arrested a driver who was involved in a head-on collision on Interstate 10. According to the report, the man was traveling against opposing traffic when he entered the highway. After only traveling approximately 500 feet, his car smashed into another vehicle.

Calls for resignations after possible police brutality death

Admittedly, when one is found guilty of a crime and sentenced to serve time in jail, he or she understands that the accommodations may be much less comfortable than before. However, everyone deserves humane treatment and access to health care -- be it for physical or mental health ailments. If an Arizona inmate is denied proper care and he or she later suffers greater harm, this ill treatment or denial of care may qualify as a form of police brutality.

Recently, there have been calls for a sheriff and a district attorney to resign, following the death of an inmate. The man who died was reportedly suffering from an undisclosed mental illness. He had purportedly been engaging in self-harming behaviors and, as a result, it was recommended by the health care staff that he not be a candidate for their restraint protocols. Unfortunately, he was fastened unclothed to a restraint chair for an estimated 46 hours.

Fatigue means more than just lack of sleep for truckers

Businesses and consumers count on semitrucks to bring in deliveries of merchandise. For the most part, the truckers who drive these big rigs do a good job and take appropriate safety measures. Many trucking companies have programs in place to reward truckers who don't have any accidents or critical safety violations.

Most truckers will do what they can to rack up as many miles of safe driving as possible. Not only does this help them to remain reliable and keep on trucking, it also helps to keep others on the road safe. Still, these professional drives have some very real challenges to face when it comes to staying safe.

Self-driving cars had only minor auto accidents until fatal crash

There has been much hype over the idea that an autonomous driving vehicle could make the roadways safer for fellow motorists. The motivation behind this technology is that human error causes the majority of auto accidents. Sadly, a recent fatal collision in Arizona points to the fact that no technology is fool-proof.

The crash that resulted in a woman's death occurred in Tempe, Arizona, around 10 p.m. on a Sunday evening. According to officials, an Uber vehicle was in self-driving mode as it traveled down a local road. While there was a driver behind the wheel, she purportedly took no actions to avoid striking the 49-year-old victim as she was walking her bicycle across the roadway.

Federal study shows rise in medical malpractice in nursing homes

According to a recent report by a publication that services the long-term care profession, the numbers of residents who are receiving care from nursing home facilities has declined. Unfortunately, the numbers of complaints regarding care and neglect in these institutions has risen substantially over the past several years. Since there are countless Arizona families who depend on these types of homes to care for aged or ailing family members, any news concerning possible medical malpractice in the form of neglect may be of interest.

According to a recent study by the federal Office of Inspector General through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the numbers of complaints regarding substandard or neglect care has increased by an estimated 33 percent in the years between 2011 and 2015. Of those complaints, purportedly half of them concerned what are considered high priority claims that may involve immediate danger to a patient. These types of reports must be acted on within 10 regular working days. Of these reports, approximately one-third were found to have merit.

Alleged police brutality incident draws interest from the FBI

Last summer, a man was stopped by a police officer for trespassing and jaywalking. The incident quickly escalated, and many point to it as yet another example of police brutality. Though the majority of encounters between Arizona residents and law enforcement are resolved peacefully, there have been many complaints that police officers overstep and cause greater harm to those they are sworn to protect.

This particular incident was purportedly initiated when a 33-year-old African-American male apparently took a shortcut through the parking area of a closed business. The encounter between the white officer, and the man was recorded by the officer's body camera. The captured footage showed the officer hitting, choking and using a Taser to stun the victim.

Automation could prevent some auto accidents if used correctly

There is much speculation concerning automated vehicles that do not require much input from a human driver. However, while it may be some time before the majority of traffic is composed of these types of vehicles, some of the automated features on current models may prevent some auto accidents -- if applied as intended. Arizona residents who reside in high-traffic areas may welcome the assistance these features provide.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently conducted an experiment using a selection of newer model vehicles that incorporated two new technologies. These features are assisted cruise control and a program that prevents a vehicle from straying out of its travel lane. The group claims that drivers may embrace the thought of new automation features, but may be expecting these programs to operate in the same manner that an individual motorist drives.

Birth injuries are horrible events that drive joy from childbirth

Birth injuries can quickly turn a joyful event into a tragedy for a family. There are many factors that can impact whether or not a baby is born healthy. Parents shouldn't be expected to monitor what is going on. Instead, they should be able to focus on the labor and delivery experience. Unfortunately, medical professionals don't always do what they are supposed to do, and the newborns can suffer birth injuries.

It is imperative that any expectant parent knows some of the possible birth injuries that might occur so that they can keep a watchful eye on what is going on in the labor and delivery room. Here are somethings to keep in mind when you head to the hospital to have your bab.

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