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Prevention of birth injuries should remain a priority

Birth injuries are serious matters that parents hope they don't ever have to deal with, but they do happen. It is imperative that they understand what happened so they know what they need to do to address the situation. When the answer is that there was negligence or similar issues, you might choose to seek compensation for the damages you are dealing with.

There are many factors that come into the picture when there is a chance that a birth injury was the result of a situation that falls under the medical malpractice umbrella. These cases often require considerable investigation, so you should get the process started quickly.

Medical malpractice: Fetal distress issues should not be ignored

During prenatal visits at an Arizona medical facility, an obstetrician and medical team typically checks a mother's vital signs and closely monitors her condition at each appointment to make sure she and her baby are safe and healthy. Certain issues may mean that mother or child are at risk for injury. Sadly, medical malpractice often causes injuries to mothers and/or their babies.

The tragedy of maternal or infant injury is intensified by the fact that most medical malpractice incidents are easily preventable. For instance, there are symptoms of fetal distress that the average obstetrician or midwife should recognize. Recognizing the signs and how to swiftly act to keep baby and mother as safe as possible is something most skilled and experienced OB teams know how to do. If someone fails in his or her duty, you or your child might wind up in distress.

GM products could trigger new auto product liability claims

General Motors has one of the top spots in this country for brand recognition. Many Arizona residents are loyal GM customers who value the brand's reputation and safety features. Recently, the company issued a recall for a potential defect that could lead to a serious crash. Those who have suffered injuries due to a defective vehicle component may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.

General Motors issued the recall for several models of its pickups and SUVs. The recall is to address a defective sensor in the braking system that could lead to unequal braking at higher speeds. According to the company, when the affected vehicles are in four-wheel drive or automatic mode, a faulty braking sensor could activate the brakes on the wheel opposite the failing sensor. Such braking could cause the vehicle to inadvertently pull to one side, potentially causing a crash.

VA criticized over serious multiple medical malpractice claims

A congressional hearing was recently held with officials from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss several disturbing issues. There have been multiple reports of medical malpractice that have caused many veterans to suffer from serious health consequences, including several who have died due to inappropriate medical care. Arizona veterans who have suffered from poor health care may be interested to see how Congress plans to address this serious problem.

Over the past several months, there have been reports of veterans being subjected to eye surgery by a physician who was not qualified to perform cataract removal operations. Three patients are said to have died after a pathologist misdiagnosed their tissue samples. Reportedly, an estimated 3,000 other veterans were also victims of this provider's inability to accurately diagnose test results.

Once in a blue moon, auto accidents may actually save lives

The idea of a car crash being a fortunate incident sounds like a ridiculous notion. In fact, these often tragic auto accidents cause innocent victims to suffer physical, emotional and financial difficulties from which they may never fully recover. However, for one family in Arizona, there is a future after a horrific crash spared their lives.

Cameras from the Arizona Department of Transportation recorded the moments when a speeding vehicle was bearing down on a family of three attempting to cross at a marked pedestrian crosswalk. As the two adults pushing a baby stroller started across the intersection, the driver of a large SUV failed to heed the red light signal. As his vehicle hurtled toward the three pedestrians, another vehicle proceeding through the crossroads collided forcefully with the first vehicle.

Lawsuits hope to force change re commercial vehicle accidents

Recently, two civil lawsuits were filed against two tractor manufacturing companies. Their focus is on prompting manufacturers to include available safety systems as standard equipment on large trucks. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents in Arizona and across the country often incur significant financial losses.

These civil actions were prompted by two fatal crashes caused by truckers failing to brake in time to avoid crashing into stopped traffic ahead of them. In both of these wrecks, the drivers were apparently distracted and did not take evasive measures in time. Sadly, for both the surviving victims and the families of the deceased victims, neither trucking company carried adequate insurance coverage to compensate the victims for their losses. In addition, neither of the tractors involved were equipped with the front-end warning systems that could have alerted the drivers to apply the brakes. 

Motorcycles are dangerous, but you can reduce that danger

Again and again, reports show that motorcycles are far more dangerous than cars. The fatality rate, when looking at accidents, simply stands far higher for bikes. They lack many of the protective systems that are so common in modern cars and they expose the riders to a high level of risk.

Remember, you don't have to make a mistake to get into a motorcycle accident. You can be an experienced, safe rider and still get hit when someone runs a red light or turns in front of you. It happens. What can you do to make riding safer?

New technology may assist victims of alleged police brutality

Police departments both here in Arizona and across the country, are slowly implementing the use of both dashboard cameras as well as body worn cameras to record interactions with the public. However, in several cases of alleged police brutality, these cameras were either not turned on or were otherwise not available. One inventor has developed a cellphone application that may provide peace of mind to those who install it on their electronic devices.

The app, RTC Protech, comes equipped with a GPS location service as well as the ability to record both video and audio. The app is being marketed to anyone who believes he or she may need the evidentiary support that this technology can supply. Along with the ability to record video and audio, the app can be voice activated and alerts can be sent to those who are listed as emergency contacts.

Study reveals "whys" and "whats" of commercial vehicle accidents

A three-year study focusing on the the reasons behind many of the tractor-trailer crashes in the country was recently published. It was a collaboration between an Arizona company and a digital information firm. According to the report, commercial vehicle accidents involving big rigs -- such as semis -- have accounted for an estimated 11,000 fatal wrecks between 2015 and 2017.

In that time period, an estimated 12,230 people were killed in these types of collisions. Commercial trucks haul approximately 70% of the goods in the nation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were approximately 11,498,561 commercial trucks registered in the United States as of 2016. Statistics show that 9% of fatal traffic collisions in 2017 involved large trucks. Of the more than 4,657 large trucks involved in crashes, an estimated 69% of them involved combination vehicles, which are comprised of tractor-trailers, straight trucks with trailers and tractors hauling double trailers.

Inmate files medical malpractice claim re nearly fatal infection

When one contracts a serious illness, he or she should be entitled to appropriate and timely medical care -- no matter where one resides. Unfortunately, that standard appears not to apply to Arizona inmates. One inmate recently filed a medical malpractice claim against the prison system where he is incarcerated after nearly dying from a missed diagnosis of a deadly infection.

According to the lawsuit, the man first observed a swelling on his leg that caused the skin to become stretched and prone to tearing. The painful swelling increased in size and he later developed symptoms similar to an earlier bout of pneumonia. After being checked by nursing staff in the medical unit, he was diagnosed with the disease in both lungs and provided with an oral antibiotic. When the medication failed to bring any relief, he was once again treated at the medical unit and diagnosed with Valley Fever, a fungal infection.

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