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Radiologists seek to reduce medical malpractice claims

When people hear that a mistake was made by a medical provider, most likely an error on the part of a physician or surgeon comes to mind. However, another practice area that has been subject to medical malpractice claims is radiology. Arizona patients who have received a mistaken diagnosis or experienced delayed treatment due to a misread radiograms may also have a valid claim.

Man alleges medical malpractice after cervical procedure

One of the top medical complaints of patients may be the discomfort caused by back and neck pain. Therefore, many are eager to find relief through those methods that trusted physicians suggest. However, there are times when that treatment fails to bring the promised relief and instead results in a medical malpractice allegation. Arizona patients who have suffered further injury due to a medical provider's actions or negligence do have certain rights to seek a remedy.

Some L & D nurses lack knowledge to support mothers post-birth

A study recently published in The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing (as reported by NPR and ProPublica) reveals a shocking lack of knowledge amongst nursing staff that care for mothers after childbirth. The researchers surveyed hundreds of labor and delivery nurses from hospitals across the country.

Doctor sued over claims of cosmetic medical malpractice

There are many reasons why a patient would seek the services of a cosmetic surgeon. When the decision to undergo a procedure is made, the patient likely is looking forward to an improved appearance or other physical and emotional benefits – not the possibility that he or she will be a victim of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, there are likely patients in Arizona who have suffered the consequences of a medical provider's negligence.

Family challenges new medical malpractice law requiring reviews

When a patient suffers harm that is believed to be a result of a medical provider's error, then that patient or surviving loved ones are assured the right to pursue justice and compensation. However, in recent years there have been multiple attempts to limit the rights of plaintiffs to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in a purported effort to reduce medical care costs. Currently, Arizona has not placed any restrictions on these rights.

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