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Volkswagon issues recalls for possible auto product liability

Many Arizona car buyers make their purchasing decisions based on the brand quality of a particular manufacturer. When that name becomes linked with issues relating to a possible auto product liability, it can hurt the company's reputation regardless of how long it has been in business. Volkswagon recently issued a recall for one particular model in different body styles and model years.

Auto product liability: More than 2,700 Ford Explorer complaints

Buying a vehicle is not an undertaking that Arizona consumers take lightly. When that purchase comes at the cost of one's health and well-being, then the actual cost is often incalculable. Some consumers are likely considering an auto product liability claim following the report of problems with a popular SUV. 

Safety advocate warns about auto product liability responsibility

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recently launched a new campaign to push awareness of recall alerts. However, one safety advocate expressed concerns that the company is attempting to refocus responsibility for auto product liability onto consumers. The issue of recalls affect car owners in every state, including Arizona, and it is imperative that consumers are aware of a potential danger.

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