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Radiologists seek to reduce medical malpractice claims

When people hear that a mistake was made by a medical provider, most likely an error on the part of a physician or surgeon comes to mind. However, another practice area that has been subject to medical malpractice claims is radiology. Arizona patients who have received a mistaken diagnosis or experienced delayed treatment due to a misread radiograms may also have a valid claim.

According to research conducted by other radiologists, the two main areas for issues are in reading the radiograms and in communicating those results to the primary provider or to the patient. Of the nearly 60 percent of the claims that involved issues with radiograms, an estimated 48 percent of them were problems that caused a delay in appropriate treatment. The researchers pointed out a two-fold approach that could possibly reduce the risks these misinterpretations pose to patient care.

Volkswagon issues recalls for possible auto product liability

Many Arizona car buyers make their purchasing decisions based on the brand quality of a particular manufacturer. When that name becomes linked with issues relating to a possible auto product liability, it can hurt the company's reputation regardless of how long it has been in business. Volkswagon recently issued a recall for one particular model in different body styles and model years.

The model that has been recalled covers several years of the Passat wagons and sedans. The issue stems from an electrical problem that can cause the fuel pump to shut down while the vehicle is running, even at highway speeds. When the car is sitting idle, the same electrical problem could result in the fuel pump continuing to run and draining the battery reserves. This, in turn, could prevent the car from starting.

Mother who lost son to police brutality wants to help others

As a child, young people are taught to respect those in authority. While the vast majority of law enforcement are upright and honorable public servants who are worthy of that respect, there have been several recent instances when alleged police brutality has escalated beyond the use of responsible force. Arizona residents are likely aware of one infamous case that made headlines nationwide.

In July 2016, an African-American man was pulled over by police in another state. Somehow, the situation quickly got out of control, and the officer conducting the stop shot and killed the man as he sat in his vehicle. The mother of that victim recently spoke out about the loss of her son. She wants to help other families who have also lost loved ones due to police brutality or gun violence.

Internet of Things may prevent some commercial vehicle accidents

Telematics is the word that was created to describe the use of technology over a reliable platform to monitor and transmit information over long distances. New advances in telematics may soon be used to prevent some commercial vehicle accidents. However, until all companies require this tool to be utilized, Arizona residents may still endure the tragedies that are often caused by these devastating crashes.

By using telematics, some automotive insurance companies have been able to monitor and track the driving habits of their customers, which can then help individuals lower their insurance rates. There are some who are advocating that truckers and their companies fully implement this technology to reduce distracted driving. By using devices that employ the Internet of Things (IoT), computers would be able to detect such behaviors as hard braking and the use of phones while a driver is behind the wheel.

Man alleges medical malpractice after cervical procedure

One of the top medical complaints of patients may be the discomfort caused by back and neck pain. Therefore, many are eager to find relief through those methods that trusted physicians suggest. However, there are times when that treatment fails to bring the promised relief and instead results in a medical malpractice allegation. Arizona patients who have suffered further injury due to a medical provider's actions or negligence do have certain rights to seek a remedy.

Recently, a man filed a lawsuit against a doctor and the practice he is part of after the patient allegedly suffered further harm from a procedure. The patient purportedly sought treatment at a pain management practice for pain in his upper neck region caused by a bulged disk. The patient stated in his suit that his doctor recommended and subsequently performed a procedure that would block pain signals caused by the dislocated disk.

Some L & D nurses lack knowledge to support mothers post-birth

A study recently published in The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing (as reported by NPR and ProPublica) reveals a shocking lack of knowledge amongst nursing staff that care for mothers after childbirth. The researchers surveyed hundreds of labor and delivery nurses from hospitals across the country.

The results indicated a systemic lack of knowledge about potential complications from childbirth that could affect mothers after delivery. As a result of their own information shortcomings, these same nurses might fail to properly educate new mothers about potential issues like:

Auto accidents often cause more than physical and emotional pain

The more time one spends on the road increases the odds of being involved in a serious crash. Even age and experience cannot protect Arizona residents from the tragedies wrought by unexpected auto accidents. One recent wreck claimed the life of one woman and injured three other people.

The wreck occurred when a driver of a larger sedan was proceeding along a local road. For reasons that are yet unclear, the driver left his lane of travel and veered over into the opposing lane. Once there, his vehicle collided in a frontal impact with another vehicle carrying two women. The crash killed the 52-year-old driver of the second vehicle.

Doctor sued over claims of cosmetic medical malpractice

There are many reasons why a patient would seek the services of a cosmetic surgeon. When the decision to undergo a procedure is made, the patient likely is looking forward to an improved appearance or other physical and emotional benefits – not the possibility that he or she will be a victim of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, there are likely patients in Arizona who have suffered the consequences of a medical provider's negligence.

Recently, seven women filed a civil suit against a doctor who performed various cosmetic procedures on them. The victims have all claimed to suffer disfigurement, pain and scarring as a result of the doctor's work. The operations included stomach tucks, eyebrow lifting and breast procedures.

Auto product liability: More than 2,700 Ford Explorer complaints

Buying a vehicle is not an undertaking that Arizona consumers take lightly. When that purchase comes at the cost of one's health and well-being, then the actual cost is often incalculable. Some consumers are likely considering an auto product liability claim following the report of problems with a popular SUV. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that its investigation of Ford Explorer has evolved into an analysis of the engineering process. Seven model years and an estimated 400,000 vehicles are targeted by the inquiry. In excess of 2,700 complaints of carbon monoxide fumes in the passenger area of these models have been made. Three accidents and 41 injuries have been reported.

City residents march against spate of police brutality incidents

Recently, a jury decided in a case that a police officer was not guilty of any crime in the shooting death of a man during a traffic stop. The residents of the area were outraged over this incident of alleged police brutality. Citizens in many states, including Arizona, have expressed trepidation over summoning police in many situations for fear that officers will not respond according to expectations and written guidelines.

A recent march was organized near the same city where an officer was acquitted in the shooting of the man. This metropolitan area just witnessed another incident of possible brutality when an officer shot and killed a woman who had requested police presence over fears of an alleged sexual assault near her residence. The woman, who is an Australian native, was approaching the police cruiser as they arrived on site when the officer seated in the passenger side opened fire and shot the woman in the midsection. She died of her injuries.

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