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Man faces charges after causing death, injury in auto accidents

The decision to ingest intoxicating substances and then get behind the wheel of an automobile can have life-changing consequences. When that decision causes others to suffer harm from resulting auto accidents, then the lives of innocent families are also negatively impacted forever. Two families in Arizona are now experiencing this pain firsthand.

Police arrested and charged a 26-year-old man for causing a fatal four-vehicle crash that killed one man and critically injured a woman. According to the report, the driver was operating his car at an excessive speed along a local road when he failed to stop at a traffic signal. His car crashed into a car being driven by a 43-year-old man. The collision caused the second car to strike the one traveling in front of it.

Family challenges new medical malpractice law requiring reviews

When a patient suffers harm that is believed to be a result of a medical provider's error, then that patient or surviving loved ones are assured the right to pursue justice and compensation. However, in recent years there have been multiple attempts to limit the rights of plaintiffs to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in a purported effort to reduce medical care costs. Currently, Arizona has not placed any restrictions on these rights.

One family recently filed a lawsuit against a southeastern state that recently passed a law requiring an extra step before a patient can file a malpractice suit. The law mandates that a malpractice claim must be presented to a review board before the case is formally filed in court. The panel will consist of three providers and a neutral attorney selected by both sides to oversee the panel. The review is permitted to take up to nine months to issue an opinion. If one is not forthcoming (or if the opinion supports the claim), the plaintiff is then permitted to file the case with the appropriate court.

Safety advocate warns about auto product liability responsibility

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recently launched a new campaign to push awareness of recall alerts. However, one safety advocate expressed concerns that the company is attempting to refocus responsibility for auto product liability onto consumers. The issue of recalls affect car owners in every state, including Arizona, and it is imperative that consumers are aware of a potential danger.

FCA announced that it was launching a campaign designed to make consumers aware of the need to check for recalls. The company set up a website with a slogan for car owners to "Check to Protect" to teach consumers to search for recall notices to ensure their own safety. However, a woman who once worked for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was critical of the new campaign, as she believes it is an attempt by the company to avoid responsibility for sending out notices to owners who own a car with a potential problem.

Who gets cited when a self-driving car causes an accident?

For those who grew up watching the cartoon show, The Jetsons, the idea of a face-to-face telephone conversation seemed futuristic and unlikely. But with the advent of Face Time, that incredulity has been replaced by awe and now friends and family aren’t limited to just the sound of their loved ones' voices.

While The Jetsons T.V. show portended many future inventions (dog-walking treadmill anyone?), a self-driving car wasn’t one of them (the Jetsons presumably went straight to flying cars.) Yet here they are, and one can only wonder: When a self-driving car causes an accident, who exactly is held responsible?

Police brutality can leave both physical and emotional scars

Police officers provide a valuable service to the communities in which they serve. However, there are instances when these public servants have crossed the line, and their actions have lead to allegations of police brutality. Unfortunately, these instances can occur at any time, and there are likely Arizona residents who have suffered from these egregious abuses of power.

Out of the myriad cases of these alleged instances, there are several that remain in the collective memories of citizens. One of the most memorable is the Rodney King beating, which left him badly battered and remains a symbol of what happens when police seemingly go overboard. Another tragic instance occurred when police received incorrect intelligence concerning possible drug activity. Officers charged into the home of an elderly woman who lived alone, and as she attempted to defend herself against the intrusion, she purportedly fired several shots at the officers.

Been in a car accident? Get legal help

Let's say you've had a long day at work, and you just want to get home to relax. You get in your car, put on your seat belt, and drive out of your office's parking lot. You merge onto the highway and get ready to cruise home. But shortly after you get on the highway, you notice a car next to you with a driver that is looking down at their lap. A ghostly glow illuminates the front seat, and you know immediately -- they are looking at their cell phone.

After a minute or so, that car suddenly starts to drift and collides with your car. The resulting accident causes some serious injuries to both you and the other driver, but you both survive the crash.

Why do truck accidents happen?

Truck accidents can be devastating for the injured victims. Because of the huge size and weight disparity between a fully loaded big rig and the average passenger vehicle, injuries from these crashes tend to be serious, resulting in a long, painful recovery and massive medical bills. While waiting for your injuries to heal, you, for better or for worse, have an abundant amount of time to think.

Your thoughts may turn  to why the accident happened. Though individual circumstances vary from crash to crash, there are some reasons that have proven common to many of the tens of thousands of truck accidents that take place on America's roads each year.

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