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Woman wins medical malpractice suit; awarded $12 million

Those who have a chronic illness may make frequent trips to the hospital in order to obtain relief from recurring and possibly serious symptoms. In spite of these patients receiving regular care, however, medical providers may miss vital clues and cause greater harm for the patients who place their trust in them. Recently, an Arizona jury found a doctor guilty of medical malpractice that left a woman in a persistent vegetative state.

According to the woman's family members, she had suffered from a history of seizures for which she was prescribed blood thinning medication. In spite of this therapy, she purportedly often suffered from complications related to this medication and would seek treatment from a local emergency center. According to these relatives, the woman would be treated with vitamin k injections and possibly plasma transfusions to help combat bleeding issues.

Popular auto maker BMW issues recall for auto defects

When automakers are designing vehicles, what looks good on blueprints may not always translate into a solid and safe product when it is manufactured. Even the most trusted companies may make a mistake that results in a danger to consumers who may then file an auto product liability claim against the company responsible for the auto defects, and resulting injuries and losses. Recently, BMW issued recalls that may include owners in Arizona.

The company has issued two recalls for separate problems that may both result in an engine fire. The first notice encompasses approximately 740,000 vehicles and includes various models for the years spanning 2007 through 2011. All of the models included in this recall have the 6-cylinder engines. Purportedly, the heater for a portion of the crank case may have a tendency to overheat, which could cause the value to melt, which can cause an engine fire. For this reason, the company is recommending that vehicle owners do not park their cars in enclosed structures.

The seven things you should know about birth injuries

Although birth injuries are rare, they are particularly troubling because they can affect the health, wellbeing and quality of life of a baby for decades to come. Coping with a birth injury can be one of the most difficult things imaginable for a parent. The situation may seem overwhelming, and you may not know what to do first.

Some parents may not even be aware that they have legal recourse for the birth injury that their child has suffered. One of the most important steps is to learn everything you can about birth injuries, including their causes, how frequent they are, and what you can do about them. What follows is a list of seven of the most important things to know about birth injuries.

General Motors settles another suit over auto product liability

The buying public in Arizona and across the country has often felt confident in placing its trust in the major car makers in this country. However, over the past few years, there have been several reports of accidents and injuries resulting from possible auto defects in even the top selling models. Many of these incidents have resulted in auto product liability claims. 

Recently, General Motors settled another lawsuit that stemmed from its alleged cover-up of serious defects in some GM models. Problems with ignition switches, brakes, power steering and certain airbags were identified. These defects purportedly have led to approximately 124 fatal accidents and more than 275 injured people. The automaker has been accused of training its workforce to avoid language that would include any references to defects or faulty parts.

Man files suit alleging police brutality caused lasting harm

In the majority of cases, those who are bound to enforce the laws and protect their city's residents fulfill their duties with respect and honorable intentions. However, there are circumstances when officers allegedly abuse their rights, and Arizona residents can become victims of police brutality. There have been several recent incidents in various states that have resulted in serious injuries.

Recently, a man filed charges against the city, police chief and several officers whom he claims caused him to suffer debilitating injuries. The incident occurred in 2011, and the victim's legal representative claimed that the suit was recently filed before the statute of limitations applied. The spokesperson also stated that more officers would likely be named once more information was forthcoming.

Lawmakers back bill that addresses medical malpractice in the VA

In early October, a national media source reported on the disturbing practice of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to purportedly protect medical providers who are believed to have failed to provide proper care for the nation's veterans. Now, three lawmakers are working together to help ensure that these men and woman are protected from physicians who are accused of medical malpractice. If the bill passes, it is hoped that veterans here in Arizona and elsewhere will be receive better quality care at VA hospitals.

These congressional members stated that they are outraged at the discovery that the VA would potentially shield medical providers from any consequences whenever their treatment resulted in greater harm or lack of relief for their patients. A USA Today article reported that one doctor affiliated with the VA allegedly committed malpractice an estimated 88 times. In spite of the harm this physician reportedly caused, he was not subjected to any disciplinary actions from the VA or the state licensing board.

Carmax accused of selling cars with auto product liability issues

The saying "buyer beware" is often applied to the used car business. However, the issue of auto product liability may not have been a serious consideration when purchasing a used vehicle until recently. Arizona customers may benefit from learning about a recent study safety advocates collaborated on.

Three consumer advocacy agencies, the CARS Foundation, the Center for Auto Safety and Masspirg, recently conducted an investigation into the business practices of the nationwide used car dealer Carmax. According to their joint study, the chances of a consumer purchasing a used vehicle with an unaddressed recall are slightly greater than one in four. Two of the most serious issues concerned vehicles that still had Takata airbags or General Motors faulty ignition switches. Both issues have resulted in massive recalls for both manufacturers, but many of the affected cars have not been repaired.

Officer arrested after allegations of police brutality

The majority of police officers are honorable men and women who are willing to place themselves in harm's way to protect the public they serve. However, there have been several recent allegations of officers engaging in acts of excessive force. Any Arizona resident who believes he or she has been a victim of police brutality is entitled to seek justice.

Recently, an officer was arrested on allegations that he used excessive force during an arrest. According to a statement, the accused officer purportedly engaged in behavior that caused his fellow officers to question his actions during that arrest. The alleged victim was pulled over by the officials on suspicion of being an intoxicated driver. The accused officer purportedly employed the use of his baton in a manner that alarmed his co-workers.

There are many causes for Arizona auto accidents including chases

The news media frequently report on wrecks that have occurred due to a high-speed police pursuit. However, even when law enforcement have abandoned their chase, fleeing drivers may still cause serious auto accidents. One recent incident has led to a serious crash in Arizona that injured several people.

According to the official report, police received a report of a shooting, after which the alleged suspect then drove away. The description of the vehicle then led to police attempting to locate the driver's vehicle. Once located, they attempted to apprehend the suspect. However, when approached by law enforcement, the driver fled the area.

Blame assessed in first self-driving fatal collision

As self-driving vehicles draw closer to being accepted on our highways, the debate continues on how to assess fault in an accident.

A year and a half ago, in May 2016, Joshua Brown died on a Florida highway when his Tesla Model S collided with a semi-trailer. It was the first recorded fatality of the autonomous vehicle era.

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